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    China job salaries 2015 offers the Hong Kong and China Salary Survey 2015 with salary rates of mainly Hong Kong and some of China.

    Salary Centre 2015

    Michael Page International is a leading executive recruitment specialist. At the website of Michael Page China, in the Salary Centre are the salary rates of 2015 for a range of job types. You will find lots of detailed job salary information. The salaries depend of the applicants experience, education, work location and industry/organization.

    China job salaries

    J.M. Gemini is a leading recruitment company in China with offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen. They publish regulary their Guide to China Market Salaries. Their latest update was from 2013, 3rd quarter. The full list is available at Salary Report 2015

    Top 10 highest-paying jobs for graduates 2012 publish many lists with top 10 or top 50 results. One of those lists is highest-paying jobs for college graduates 2010. Salaries are pro month. List at
    - Internet developer (RMB4731)
    - Architect (RMB4575)
    - Financial analyst (RMB4327)
    - Medical supplies sale agent (RMB4292)
    - General manager and supervisor (RMB4173)
    - Computer software application (RMB4150)
    - Internet designer (RMB4131)
    - Computer software engineer (RMB4125)
    - Leading broker (RMB4114)
    - Computer system engineer (RMB4111)

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